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Rhita Nattah
Rhita Nattah
Rhita Nattah ft Даена
Rhita Nattah
Rhita Nattah
Floating Village
Space Station
Futuristic Pavilion, Brutal Design
Futuristic Structural Unit

Husam Minawi, 1991, is an independent 3D designer based in the United States whose vision in design is a synthesis of analog and monologic approaches in the context of the digital world. Husam Minawi holds a Technology Architecture and Applied Engineering degree, specializing in urbanization and sustainable design. Over the past decade, he has successfully produced many artworks, including metaphorical, environmental, poetical, and futuristic masterpieces.

In his vision, Husam Minawi employs the power of 3D design and visualization to transform hypotheses into photorealistic scenes. He has honed his craft by utilizing real-time techniques, cutting-edge software, and interactive media. As a digital alchemist, Husam Minawi captures timeless moments, fulfilling the need for art and phenomena in any realm.

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